BuzzCoin™ and Pollenitypartner to incentivize beekeepers to adopt sustainable practices and facilitate the creation of new beekeepers

Buzzcoin partners with Pollenity

Partnership utilizes blockchain and cutting edge IoT technologies to support sustainable beekeeping.

31th January 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria  – Pollenity [former Bee Smart Technologies], world’s most advanced remote beehive monitoring technology, announced today that it has partnered with BuzzCoin™, Inc. – a non-profit supporting the global effort to save the bees by providing collected data to scientific projects and organizations that focus on saving the world’s bee population, to create a blockchain implementation that aims to help save the worlds declining bee population.

The partnership, targeting newbees, hobby and commercial beekeepers internationally, will utilize Pollenity’s proprietary sensor devices and BUZZCOIN’s unique blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to create a worldwide reward-based network, BUZZCOIN Hive Mind Network (BC-HMN™), for gathering beehive data.

Simeon Todorov, a commercial beekeeper from Bulgaria, welcomed the innovation as a way for empowering individuals to battle the Colony Collapse Disorder. “It’s amazing that I will not only be rewarded for keeping healthy bees, but I can also share my data and findings with an international community of researchers who use it to help other beekeepers.”, said Mr. Todorov.

The beekeepers using BuzzCoin’s platform will be joining a community of hundreds of beekeepers who are already sharing their hive data with each other and also with research organizations. Furthermore, Pollenity’s existing customers will be presented with the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream for their beekeeping operations no matter how big they are.

“This is a very important strategic partnership for both our companies as it leverages on the key areas of expertise in which both Pollenity and BuzzCoin excel. This confluence of innovative technologies will set an unprecedented example for sustainable beekeeping and may very well propose a standard for the broader agricultural sector,” said Sergey Petrov, CEO of Pollenity.

“We are excited to officially announce our new partnership with Pollenity after we have been working behind the scenes on new hardware and implementations for many months”, said Maxim Polyarniy, Team leader of BUZZCOIN.



Pollenity, a developer of the world’s most advanced beehive monitoring technology, allows beekeepers to improve the health of their honeybee colonies by providing them with real-time data and analytics from inside the hive.

They can follow the suggestions and alerts from the AI-powered system directly or share the information with online communities to help them better understand the intricate or geo-specific conditions for a particular honeybee colony without having to leave their home or perform stressful unnecessary manual check-ups on their hives.

Data and personal findings of Pollenity’s users can help researchers better understand the global honeybee crisis and create sustainable beekeeping practices for insurance of the global food supply.

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Since its founding in 2015, Pollenity [previous Bee Smart Technologies] has been named Best IoT Startup in the Central European Startup Awards 2017, has been included to the list of IEEE’s N3XT Stars 2017, has won the Health and Environment track at the World Summit Awards, Google’s “New Europe 100” innovative startups and has received media recognition from numerous international media such as BBC and Financial Times. For more information, see, follow Pollenity on Twitter @pollenity and connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn.



BUZZCOIN™, Inc. is a non-profit blockchain implementation that aims to help save the worlds declining bee population. By implementing blockchain technology into existing bee hives BUZZcoin aims to create a worldwide data network that collects beehive health data. The project brings together a diverse group of experts, developing a smart hive device prototype that will soon enter its official field testing phase.

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