Pollenity teams up with Hiber to ensure global coverage for its precision beekeeping tools

5 March 2019, Bulgaria

Pollenity announced today a partnership with Hiber aiming at providing global satellite connectivity for its IoT beekeeping products. The partnership’s essence is incorporating Hiber’s Hiberband modem for satellite communication in Pollenity’s flagship product – the Beebot.

The Beebot is an in-hive sensor device that monitors the health condition and productivity of bees. It measures in-hive humidity, temperature and acoustics. The device conducts preliminary analytics and reports the aggregated data to the cloud, where it is turned into actional graphs, notifications and alerts for the beekeeper’s use.

“We are excited about extending the range of our services to rural areas and believe that this marks the first step towards sustainable beekeeping around the world enabled by precision sensor technology.”,
the CEO of Pollenity Sergey Petrov commented.

Satellite communication will solve one considerable constraint for Pollenity’s products – the lack of cellular coverage in secluded and rural areas. Often, beekeepers place their hives in remote locations, such as fields or orchards. Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi or GSM connection in such regions is limited to non-existent.
By using satellite communication, the Beebot will be able to connect to the cloud no matter the geography.

Erik Wienk, COO of Hiber: “By using Hiberband, Pollenity can make it possible for way more beekeepers, anywhere on Earth, to keep a closer eye on their beehives. We are very excited about the Beebot product and the partnership between our two companies.”

beehive satellite connection to the beekeeper

Source: Hiber®


About Pollenity:

Pollenity (formerly Bee Smart Technologies) is an AgriTech startup with the aim of digitizing the beekeeping and providing smart solutions to beekeepers around the world. The company has been established in 2015 and has been developing its products ever since. The sensor devices are designed for beekeepers by beekeepers, allowing for a seamless technology introduction, and also great usability.

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Today, Pollenity has customers on 5 continents and it’s proudly helping beekeepers with diverse operations and backgrounds to keep healthier and more productive bees.


About Hiber:

Hiber (formerly Magnitude Space) is a ‘NewSpace’ startup, founded and led by a dream team of satellite experts and tech entrepreneurs. These ‘Hibernauts’ are working on a moonshot goal: to launch and run a nano-satellite constellation in space. More than 40 employees work on the ground-breaking, patent-pending technology behind Hiber and Hiberband at its offices in Amsterdam and Delft.

To date, the company has managed to attract significant funding. This has meant that in November 2018 Hiber became the Netherlands’ first commercial satellite company, launching its first two nano-satellites into orbit. Hiber officially launched at the Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Re: Invent Conference in November 2018 where they were named Commercial Startup Launch of 2018 at the AWS.