BIO Acacia Honey by Rumen Balinski

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High quality acacia honey with bio certificate from our special selection. Helps with insomnia, anxiety, flu symptoms and other inflammatory processes. Stays liquid for a long time.


450 gr.


BIO Acacia


BIO Acacia Honey produced in 2022 by the Balinski Family

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you directly support an European beekeeper


High-quality BIO acacia honey produced by Rumen Balinski


Balinski Beekeeping House is specialising in the production of organic bee products from over 700 bee colonies.The apiaries are located near the village of Totleben, Pleven region. They are located in an area with rich honey-bearing vegetation. Bee products are extracted in a modern beekeeping house with separate rooms for extraction and storage of bee products.

“Our goal over the years has always been the same – to work for your health by creating pure bee products, free of impurities and additives.

The story of how we started keeping bees is a long and interesting one. Our family name alone speaks of beekeeping, woven into our lives from the deepest past.

During the Ottoman rule, the Bulgarians who practised beekeeping were called ‘balini’ by the Ottomans, which translates as ‘medars’. Currently, our family maintains the tradition of creating real honey.

The most famous beekeeper of the family is Rumen Balinski – known to all Bulgarian beekeepers as the inspirer and organizer of the largest Bulgarian beekeeping exhibition “Beekeeping Pleven”. Next to him stand his wife Petya and two sons Dragomir and Theodore. Their wives – Alexandra and Sarah and children their Daniel, Jana and Phillip and Eli and Boris respectively – follow.”

How am I helping

By supporting our beekeepers you become a part of our vision to create sustainability in the food chain. We only operate online and this helps us lower CO2 emissions as well as cut out all the unnecessary middlemen in the process of buying food. This allows us to pay the beekeepers fairly and create opportunities for them to grow.

We know you are ecosensitive and so are we. Every jar of honey, even though packed according to all EU standards and regulations, is carefully designed to use recyclable materials and use as little resources as possible to get to you.




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What is the "Adopt a hive" platform?

“Adopt a hive” is a platform connecting real beekeepers and their end customers who are looking for genuine quality honey. Our goal is to create a sustainable global beekeeping by providing fair price for the work and efforts of beekeepers while offering quality products with guaranteed origin to the general public.

Who produces the honey?

The honey is produced by real beekeepers from Europe and each of them stands with their name behind their product. In each honey box, you will find a label detailing the origin of the honey, the beekeeper who produced it and the rest of the information related to the product.

How is the quality of the honey guaranteed?

Every single jar of single apiary honey that makes its way to your table has gone through three spare tests for water quantity, electro-conductivity and a laboratory analysis of the pollen. All lab tests are readily available for the customers. All batches are bottled up and prepared by a facility which is fully certified according to all European safety, bio and food standards.

Your profile on the platform allows you to track every single step of the jars you’ve ordered from hive to table.