Support a Hive

299.88 euro annualy

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    2 jars of pure honey per month (450 gr.)

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    a virtual certificate of adoption

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    branded tote bag and a sticker

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    interactive profile and direct connection to your beekeeper

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    a collection of digital souvenirs

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    a digital cookbook with bee product recipes


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you directly support an European beekeeper


The “Adopt a hive” initiative aims to support the beekeepers and deliver genuine products to the customer with complete traceability and transparency. By supporting a beehive you are directly investing in the sustainability of the beekeeping sector. We strive to cut out all unnecessary middlemen from the process and allow the beekeeper to retain maximum profit. This also helps us bring down the CO2 emissions to a minimum.


With the Support a Hive package you subscribe to 2 jars (450 g each) of honey per month, produced by the beekeeper you choose to support (or a selection of honeys if you choose to support all beekeepers). You’ll receive a PDF certificate of support, branded tote (canvas bag) and a sticker, digital souvenir pack and digital recipe booklets. The tote serves as a perfect replacement for plastic market bags, and why not use it as an accessory to promote the Adopt A Hive program?
Starting April 2021, we seize printing paper certificates and instead donate the money towards planting a tree. If you wish, you can also order a paper certificate through the link emailed to you after purchasing your subscription at an additional cost.


Please choose the beekeeper you wish to support and the payment terms of your subscription plan – in equal monthly instalments of EUR 21.99 each or in one lump sum for the whole year – EUR 263.88. Payment is made by debit/credit card. If you choose to pay monthly by card, after entering your card details we will automatically charge the monthly fee from your account each month.
We deliver the honey once a month to your desired address. Delivery is charged on completion of the order: EUR 7 per month for monthly payments and EUR 80 in total for the whole period for annual payments.

The full terms and conditions of the Support a Hive package can be found here.


The delivery of the ordered goods is carried out by the following means by courier service from a third party.
The delivery shall be made to the address of the user on the territory of the European Union, unless otherwise specified on the website and shall be at the expense of the user.
Prior to dispatch of the ordered goods, the Merchant shall have the right to contact the User at the telephone number or email indicated by the User in order to clarify the details of the order and/or delivery.

For full details see the package terms and conditions.


Who we are?

“Adopt a hive” is a platform connecting real beekeepers and their end customers who are looking for genuine quality honey. Our goal is to create a sustainable global beekeeping by providing fair price for the work and efforts of beekeepers while offering quality products with guaranteed origin to the general public.

Who produces the honey?

The honey is produced by real beekeepers from Europe and each of them stands with their name behind their product. In each honey box, you will find a label detailing the origin of the honey, the beekeeper who produced it and the rest of the information related to the product.

How we guarantee the quality?

Every single jar of single apiary honey that makes its way to your table has gone through three spare tests for water quantity, electro-conductivity and a laboratory analysis of the pollen. All lab tests are readily available for the customers. All batches are bottled up and prepared by a facility which is fully certified according to all European safety, bio and food standards.

Your profile on the platform allows you to track every single step of the jars you’ve ordered from hive to table.

How do I contribute?

Honeybees are the most important pollinator to our agricultural crops. They ensure the food security for our future generations and yet we are losing them. To protect the bees we first need to protect the beekeepers. The low bulk price, honey adulteration and unsustainable beekeeping practices are the biggest challenges in front of the global beekeeping sector. This is why Pollenity has created the “Adopt a hive program”. Every jar of honey is 100% genuine with single origin and and never mixed with other products (not even other honey). This makes our honey traceable and you can be sure that its healthy specifications are true and the products are contributing to the health of your family. In the same time, as we cut all middlemen in the process, the beekeeper you have chosen to support is actually receiving the most profit.

This technology enable approach is your way to contribute towards a sustainable future.