Wildflower honey with sunflower by Stefan

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Wildflower honey with sunflower and herbs


450 gr.


Wildflower honey With sunflower nectar

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  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Fairly traded
  • Single apiary honey
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you directly support an European beekeeper


High-quality wildflower honey produced by the bees of Stefan Stefanov

Stefan keeps 135 hives in the village of Zvezditsa, Varna region. He started as a hobby in 2008, today beekeeping is his vocation and profession. He insists on the quality and constant improvement of his apiary, so he looks for modern and innovative ways to keep his bees.
Stefan offers organic certified lime honey that has gathered the purity of our nature.
Stefan participates in the “Adopt a Hive” program ????
Here is what Stefan had to say. I’m a mechanical engineer by profession, and I also had a grocery store. My love for nature and movement led me to purchase two hives from old beekeeper friends. I started out of curiosity, but then I got hooked and today I have over 130 bee colonies. I am amazed by the life of bees and working with them has fascinated me. My apiary is located 200 m from Varna Lake, where there is a lot of moisture and the variety of honey plants is great. There is no pollution or industrial crops around it, which makes the honey pure and organic. I gave the first honey I got to friends and they fell in love with it. They asked to buy more of it and that’s when I decided to go into beekeeping professionally. Before that I had my own shop, but I sold it and now I make my living only by keeping bees. I have been a registered organic beekeeper since 2015 and market my honey in Germany. I guarantee the quality of my honey with my name.”

How am I helping

By supporting our beekeepers you become a part of our vision to create sustainability in the food chain. We only operate online and this helps us lower CO2 emissions as well as cut out all the unnecessary middlemen in the process of buying food. This allows us to pay the beekeepers fairly and create opportunities for them to grow.

We know you are ecosensitive and so are we. Every jar of honey, even though packed according to all EU standards and regulations, is carefully designed to use recyclable materials and use as little resources as possible to get to you.




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What is the "Adopt a hive" platform?

“Adopt a hive” is a platform connecting real beekeepers and their end customers who are looking for genuine quality honey. Our goal is to create a sustainable global beekeeping by providing fair price for the work and efforts of beekeepers while offering quality products with guaranteed origin to the general public.

Who produces the honey?

The honey is produced by real beekeepers from Europe and each of them stands with their name behind their product. In each honey box, you will find a label detailing the origin of the honey, the beekeeper who produced it and the rest of the information related to the product.

How is the quality of the honey guaranteed?

Every single jar of single apiary honey that makes its way to your table has gone through three spare tests for water quantity, electro-conductivity and a laboratory analysis of the pollen. All lab tests are readily available for the customers. All batches are bottled up and prepared by a facility which is fully certified according to all European safety, bio and food standards.

Your profile on the platform allows you to track every single step of the jars you’ve ordered from hive to table.