• Beebot hive sensor - the product Beebot hive sensor installed to honeycomb



    Beebot + Your Hive = Smart Hive

    The Beebot turns every beehive into a smart hive. Its sensors capture key events and parameters of the honeybee colony and helps you take better care of the bees.
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    uHive - bee box by Pollenity uHive - bee hive box by Pollenity


    A complete end-to-end solution for beginner and inexperienced beekeepers. uHive is a modern high-tech beehive equipped with sensors for understanding colony dynamics and inside conditions by establishing a direct link between the beehive and the beekeeper. A complete digital beehive assembly kit consists of full Langstroth beehive, a Beebot sensor device for measurement of temperature, humidity and performing acoustic analyses and an optional solar panel.
  • beekeeping full service experience by Pollenity
    Invest into a beekeeper and get rewarded with sweet honey. We only work with verified beekeepers, who are either our customers or we provide them with a device which will help us make sure they keep bees in a sustainable manner. A$100 contribution will get you half of the honey a bee colony produces over the year but no less than 10 pounds.
  • hiveBase

    The brand new hiveBase generation 2.0 is coming this summer. Pre-order now and get a 10% discount!
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