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Turn any beehive into a smart hive.

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A smart hive for complete beginners.

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We turn your yard or rooftop into a vibrant apiary. Learn more at: www.istinskimed.bg

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What is uHive?

A combination of a top quality beehive with an innovative sensor technology that creates augmented reality beekeeping. uHive provides a smart home for your bees and helps you easily master a centuries-old craft from the convenience of your backyard. You will receive live insights from your bees to share with your mentors and your beekeeping community. In addition, our algorithms will send you alerts when your attention is needed and will help you keep healthier and more productive bees.
In turn, you will provide much-needed pollination for your own ecosystem and even produce some sweet honey!

  • Predictive algorithms based on: Temperature, Humidity, Sound Analysis

  • Easily connects to your home Wi-Fi

  • Live data on your computer, phone, tablet
  • Top quality beehive – wooden or polystyrene

From the beehive to a jar of delicious honey.
We’ve got you covered.

new hive technologies and honey process by Pollenity
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animated digital beekeeping scheme
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Why uHive?

  • Pollinate your ecosystem. 20,000 bees go out of your beehive and pollinate up to 100 million flowers per day turning your local gardens into a blossoming wonderland.
  • Get closer to nature. Become a part of nature’s reproductive mechanisms by learning how to keep bees the smart way.
  • Produce honey. Gather up to 40 different vitamins and amino acids from your own ecosystem – a health booster directly from your backyard.
  • Contribute to science. Through uHive, you will be sharing valuable information with scientists working on saving the bees.
innovative hive technology installation

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Our inspiration sprouts from the desire to bring back the balance in the ecosystem. Honeybees have inhabited our planet for around 3.5 million years and since then they have been an inseparable part of nature. Moreover, they are the most reliable and easy to manage pollinator and for this reason they have been positioned well into the center of the agriculture industry. We rely on 30% of all our food to be pollinated by the honeybees and we must protect and cherish them. Bees are responsible for the future of our food!

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What customers say about us:

One of my Beebots detected American Foul Brood and alarmed me on time, so I was able to prevent the spread of the disease.

Richard Ward, Hobby Beekeeper

I use two Beebots and two hiveBase scales at my largest apiary. Looking at the cool graphs from far away is very convenient and satisfying. Saves me money and effort. It’s great!

Georgi Georgiev

Remote hive monitoring is the way to the future in beekeeping. The benefits are countless, no matter how big your operation is.

Simeon Todorov, Todorovi's Bee Farm


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